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Cabin History and Restoration

Photo: Home of Hot Tamale Antiques, as restored by Arthur Sagebiel Construction Co. of Hico , Texas

Hot Tamale Antiques resides in one of the oldest surviving structures in Texas, the historic A.J. Hood homestead. Judge A.J. Hood served as the youngest member of the Texas legislature in 1850-52, representing Cherokee County. By 1856 he acquired 8,000 acres along the Clear Fork of the Trinity River in Parker Co. near Weatherford, then the northwestern frontier of Texas. Hood nearly died in the calamitous “Baylor Expedition” of 1860 to push the Comanches out of the area, further up into the Panhandle. Later he served as the first District Judge of Parker County, helping to establish a legal system and the famed courthouse in Weatherford, Texas.

About 1860, Judge Hood and his wife Mary acquired an early Texas log structure and moved it to their homestead. Research suggests that the building was the first bank in Parker County, built in an English log style that pre-dates 1840. Their children expanded the log structure with an addition in the Bungalow style, popular in the early 20th century. In 2002 the entire home was restored by the Arthur Sagebiel Construction Co. of Hico, Texas, specialists in historic restoration. Amenities such as heat, electricity and air conditioning enhance a new home for Hot Tamale Antiques. An application for historic designation is pending.

Various photos show the Sagebiel team posing in front of their work. Our thanks go to Arthur, Jeremy, Hector, Melissa, Tom and Mary Alice. Contact Arthur Sagebiel Co. for information on restoration and purchase of early historic buildings.
(254) 796-2449.

Why are these men and women smiling?

Because Jan bought them lunch from Jerry’s BBQ in downtown Aledo, Texas.

Besides, it’s their last day on the job – Finished (Hooray!)

Let’s fill this place up with some antiques and have a party!

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